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Bulbous Usa is the leading marine agency and consultant in North America and it takes pride in launching its new arm of Dredging. We are a team of well qualified and experienced people to perform dredging activities for beach nourishment, channel maintenance, port and harbor expansion, environmental remediation, water management and much more.


Dredging is an excavation activity carried out in shallow seas or freshwater areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and widening the seabeds. This technique creates an anti sludge pathways for boats and replenish sand on public beaches where sand has been lost due to coastal erosion.

Dredging Methods

We at Bulbous have the expertise for the two main methods of dredging:

  • Bulbous bucket dredging experts are equipped with bucket dredges, which is a device that picks up sediment by mechanical means, often with many circulating buckets attached to a wheel or chain.

  • We are also equipped to do Suction dredging, which vacuums to draw out the water and sediments through pipes into storage compartments. Some or our suction dredging equipments can breakup bottomlands before sucking them into the pipe where as some dredgers can simply suck and spew the sediments allowing river flows to push further and break up the sand and silt ahead.

Some Uses of Dredging

Beach Nourishment

By using cutter-suction or trailing suction hopper machines, we mine the offshore sand to place them onto the beach shores which are eroded  by storms or human activities. This helps to enhance the protective and recreational functions of the beaches.


This serves as the purpose to deepen or recreate navigable waterways for the smooth functioning of the ports by sucking out the sedimented sand and mud which has been piling up over the passage of time. This effort also increases the reservoir capacity of the ports, lakes or shores.


Port/Harbor Creation and Expansion

Bulbous has the expertise to further deepen the ports for smoother ship channeling and port expansion to accommodate more ships for improved port functionalities. We are committed to provide you effective, time & money saving solutions for optimum port expansion.


Environmental Remediation

Our experts can perform dredging in larger waterways to clear of the contaminated materials from river channels and other environmental projects such as clearing oil spills.

Water Management

Bulbous is capable of building levees, dredge to create river diversions for water conservation.

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